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Mark Mikelat - Email Marketing Consulting for Small Business5 Content Ideas for Your Next Email Marketing Newsletter

by Mark Mikelat, president of Building Aspirations

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Email marketing continues to be a great way to connect to your market, stay top-of-mind and solicit repeat business and get referrals. So often, my clients do not know what to say. Well, here are some quick tips on what to include in your next email campaign. Enjoy this short article: 7 Content Ideas for Your Next Email Marketing Newsletter.

1) Contests

People love contests. The whole idea of getting a prize for something is pretty humanistic. I still remember the gold stars from the board in kindergarten class. I do not remember what they were for, but I remember winning them for something. So, consider rewarding your fans with a prize for their participation in a contest. Have a prize that is representative of and connected to your business. For example, if you are a restaurant, encourage the readers of your newsletter to go to Facebook and share a romantic dinner story. Have your followers vote for a winner and provide the winners a prize of a dinner at your restaurant. Then, post pictures on Facebook of the winners enjoying their dinner.

2) Customer Success Testimonials

You can also share a customer success story. Your email newsletter might have a short example with a link that has the full story on your blog, or YouTube channel. This directs your reader to your website to increase your traffic and it also provides your fans a great example of the value that you provide. When people see best examples of success stories, they are more able to see the value that you can provide to them. There is also the added benefit of customer envy. A present customer may want to be profiled in a future success story.

3) An Exclusive Promotion

You could also try an exclusive promotion. This might be a discount, but it could also be a new product launch that only the readers of your newsletter have first access to. People love the idea of exclusivity. They have the opportunity to get something special. Secondly, as people see the benefits to the readers of the newsletter, they will be more likely to subscribe, and encourage their friends to subscribe. This is not unlike the benefits to a frequent flyer program. The program membership provides benefits, and the subscription to your email enewsletter works the same way.

4) Share Stories

It is always a good idea to share stories. People love stories and some of the best politicians, television personalities, or public speakers are really great story tellers. My mom and dad owned a bar for 20+ years, and part of their success was attributed to their storytelling. Stories help us connect. We are all human and we all intrinsically have the need to connect to one another. Stories help your customers connect with you. They allow your customers to understand and relate. Share the stories about your workplace, especially if you have comedic experiences to share. The more intriguing, interesting, or bizarre the story is, the more likely that people will want to share it around social media.

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5) Tips

Personally, I love the idea of sharing tips. We all need more tips for everything. These are concise pieces of advice. If you are an accountant, share 5 ways to save money on your taxes. If you are a contractor, share 7 ways to work effectively with a contractor. If you are a leadership coach, share 3 ways to effectively motivate your employees. These tips provide exceptional value to your readers and these email newsletter fans will continue to open and enjoy your newsletter because you always provide good content.

Wrap This Up With a Bow

Now, some of you might be confused because I have not mentioned the actual marketing part in the content for your email marketing. This comes last. First, you must connect to your market; your readers. Follow the 80/20 rule. Create your email marketing with the intent of 80% sheer market-specific valuable content and 20% marketing. An email message of ‘buy, buy, buy’ is not market focused, but instead, obnoxious. Your readers understand that you are a business and you need to sell to exist, but nobody wants to buy your product all of the time. However, they may want to hear from you all of the time. It is this connected-ness that makes email marketing so valuable in your overall marketing strategy. To get started, click here to create an account with Constant Contact, my preferred email marketing systems for small businesses.

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