3 Marketing Tools that Everybody Should be Using

Building Aspirations - Social Media Marketing for Small Business3 Marketing Tools that Everybody Should be Using

by Mark Mikelat, president of Building Aspirations

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You need marketing that works. Not only do you need it to be effective, but you need it to be easy to use, without requiring piles of cash or an army of experts. I am a big fan of results and I will share 3 marketing tools that get results. Here are 3 marketing tools that everybody should be using.

Marketing Success Tip – They tap into word of mouth marketing.

Far too many small business leaders do not appreciate the value of the human connection. People love talking about their purchasing experiences and I want them to talk about you in a positive light. Statistics have proven that a personal recommendation from a fan of your company is 76% more effective then direct advertising. You need people talking about you, your products and your services.

Marketing Success Tip – They do not need you, but you need them.

You must not forget that your market does not need you. They will do just fine without you, but you need them. Respect them, provide them good service and reasonable pricing, and they will spread the word about you. Not only will they talk about you to your friends, but there are no costs associated with this. Marketing costs money, accept ironically, word of mouth marketing, the most effective marketing that there is.

Marketing Success Tip – The biggest bang for your buck

This is the crux of why you must tap into the three marketing tools below. They are all very cost effective. Yes, they may have costs, but the return for the associated investments is well worth it, which makes these strategies very friendly for small business. You want marketing tool tools that have low risk for a potentially high reward.

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Marketing Success Tip – Tool 1 – Email Marketing

Email marketing has been and continues to be a very effective small business marketing tool. Sure, you get too much email, we all do. But, you know what? All the data, all of the evidence that we have overwhelming supports that email marketing works. It works incredibly well. We are addicted to our email. Let me just give you one statistic that I think is nuts, but is accurate. In the US, 17% of the population will check their email before they get out of bed in the morning. They will roll over to the nightstand, pick up their phone and check their messages before they even get out of bed! They will do this even before they pee. Holy cow, we actually have proof that sometimes, people value their email more highly then basic bodily functions. It is crazy, but true. Email marketing has, and continues to be an incredibly effective marketing tool for small business

Marketing Success Tip – Tool 2 – Blogging

Secondly, blogging is crazy popular, and it works. Admittedly, I am a bit late to the blogging universe, but in my relatively short experience, I have already reaped the rewards of more traffic, and client contacts. The value comes from the fact that you are sharing a bit of yourself with you target market. Your target market is tired of advertising. They want a conversation. They want more of a personal connection with you and your small business, and your blog helps accomplish that. I am confident that you have valuable stuff to say. I guarantee that you are an expert in something and there are people out there who want and need the valuable expertise that you can provide them. Even if you do not have the creative communication style of Mark Twain, or the eloquence of William Shakespeare, do not worry. The market will appreciate you, and your authentic sharing.

Marketing Success Tip – Tool 3 – Video Marketing

The best way to share is via video. This is an incredibly intimate type of marketing. Your target market can have a conversation with you, without having a conversation with you. They might not have the patience to read your marketing material for three minutes, but they might watch a video for this long. This too is an example of an opportunity to make a real connection with your target market. Do not create a video with a buy, buy, buy attitude. But, rather provide them something that is enjoyable, inspirational, or entertaining. Think about the commercials that you enjoyed the most. Why did you like them? Why do you remember them? Those are the same types of memorable qualities that should be in your videos.

Marketing Success Tip – Get people talking

You need to have people talk about you. Word of mouth marketing will accelerate the success of your business and email marketing, blogging, and video marketing are great ways to get this conversation started.

Marketing Success Tip – Need Help?

Do you see the value, but just need the right marketing partner to help you implement these ideas? Building Aspirations can help. Contact us today.

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